The data-driven bicycle safety campaign
PING is a digital feedback cycling campaign for cities developed by Bike Citizens and Mobiel 21. The aim of the campaign is on the one hand to provide the city with a good overview of cycling conditions, and on the other hand to offer cyclists a structured feedback channel.

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The Mobiel21 and Bike Citizens PING campaign allows people to actively engage in the development of their city. With the PING button, participants can mark situations which they perceive as unsafe.

Active Pings

You are curious where people are currently pinging? Check a look at our map and see that you never ping alone!

Conflicts on cycle path / lane
Stress / Emotions / Bullying
Infrastructural design
Conflicts on crossings / waitings
Conflicts on street
Sight is blocked
Road surface
Traffic lights

Why choose the Ping campaign by Mobiel21 and Bike Citizens?

You are probably wondering: what makes your cycling feedback campaign unique? Well let us give you a reason. As a matter of fact, let us give you three.

To use Ping, you do not need to be a rocket scientist, quantum physicist or urban planner for that matter. Its easy and intuitive!
Mounting, connecting and you are ready to go! And of course, no tools required!
Whether you have an E-Bike and only goes out for weekend tours or commuting every day with your city bike, Ping is meant for everybody.
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Company employees take part in campaigns via the app. Some campaigns are using rewards to motivate – an old and effective strategy. But one thing all campaigns have in common: Participants help to improve the urban planning of their city.


Earn points for cycling regularly and get discounts and goodies for it.


Mark bottlenecks by the push of a button and improve urban planning.


Employees team up, collect points and love their commute even more.

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