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Our Bike Citizens cycling app and self-developed Finn smartphone mount accompany you as you go about your daily business and help you to see your home town from a whole new perspective. This is a great way to experience and share the joy of cycling and instigate change in your city.

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    ... and experience the joy of cycling.

  • Use Bike Citizens

    ... and find the best way to get from A to B.

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    ... so you always know the best way to go.

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Share the joy of cycling with Bike Citizens

Network with the Bike Citizens Community and share your cycling experiences with other users. Your opinion matters – whether via the app, on the website or in the magazine.

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    Become a Bike Citizen

    Network with the Bike Citizens Community and share cycling tips about your city.

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  • Urban Independence magazine

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    Acquire knowledge, post comments and share your own experiences on the subject of cycling in the Urban Independence Magazine.

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  • 5 Minutes By Bike

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    Find out where you can cycle to in 5, 10 15 or 30 minutes.

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Instigate change in cities with Bike Citizens

The collective wisdom of the Bike Citizens Community helps to make cycling schemes in urban areas easier to plan.

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Discover and share the joy of cycling.

Instigate change in your city with Bike Citizens.

Use Bike Citizens

The Bike Citizens cycling app and the Finn smartphone mount are perfect companions when you are out and about on two wheels. Always know how to find the best route so you can enjoy every trip!

Become a Bike Citizen

Network with the Bike Citizens Community and share your enthusiasm for cycling with others. Whether in the Urban Independence Magazine or via the app.

Instigate change in cities

As a bike citizen you will make an active contribution towards the way we live our lives in today’s cities. Come together and help improve the quality of life in urban areas and make cycling in cities easier to plan.

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