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Bike Citizens offers you a digital full service approch to shape mobility behavior towards cycling citizens. The lack of space, polution and healthy condition are growing challenges in allmost every metropolean area. To increase the share of cycling in the modal split is one very easy, cheap and effective approach to improve lifequality and the well-being of your inhabitants. Let us help you to get there with our concept motiviate people using the bike as their main means of transport.


App & Routeplanner: Make it easy for people to use the bike by providing cyclingfriendly routes.


Digital Campaigns: Provide incentives for every trip purpose to keep people cycling and tracking their rides.


Cycling Data: Learn from the data cyclists provide and improve cycling conditions to make it more safe for people to cycle.

Your local cycling app

The Bike Citizens App is the digital home of every cyclist. The app reduces the fears and hurdles for beginning cyclists and lets them experience the pure joy of cycling. Using the routing and navigation, inexperienced and safety-oriented people as well as experienced cyclists can find bike-friendly routes through the city and get to know the existing bike infrastructure and bike-friendly side streets. The cycling pros that already commute over 1,000 kilometers per year are able to contribute by donating their data while getting their cycling profile perfectly visualised in stats and data.

App & Web

Bike Citizens‘ core competence lies in the combination of digital expertise with bicycle mobility and campaign experience. Unlike pure technology companies, Bike Citizens is particularly concerned with the topic of bicycle mobility and is always pushing this further within the framework of research projects. Due to our numerous projects with municipalities and cities all over europe we build on our services upon experience, know-how and databased information.

Technology & Research

Cycling mobility

Promotion & Campaigns

Digital campaigns

Use the Bike Citizens App as your local cycling platform to get more people cycling in your city or region. Our digital cycling campaigns aim to use the bike as daily means of transport through rewards, challenges and team experiences.

Bike Benefit

In a playful way, people are encouraged to cycle regularly and earn virtual bonus points which can be exchanged for discounts, vouchers and free products at local partner companies. The advantages? Your citizens are more eager in cycling resulting in a cleaner city, local retailer will have an extra target audience and you as a city can access our analytics afterwards to gain valuable information on your current and possibly future cycling infrastructure!

Best Practice

Ping! The Data-Driven Bicycle Safety Campaign

PING is a digital feedback cycling campaign for cities developed by Bike Citizens and Mobiel 21. The aim of this campaign is on the one hand to provide the city with a good overview of cycling conditions, and on the other hand to offer cyclists a structured feedback channel.

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Cycling to work is very much in vogue – and makes a central contribution to the health and the environment in your city and region. Bike2Work is a campaign that motivates people to commute by bike and combines digitalisation with gamification.

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Bike to work and track your rides. A 100% digital campaign.


Participants join teams and challenge each other.


The gamification system will offer you a very diversified leaderboard that increases fun for everybody.

Bike Citizens Analytics

Bike Citizens Analytics is an interactive GPS data analysis tool for analysing, simulating and evaluating cycling data for future measures.

The Tool

The tool was developed in cooperation with the NHTV University in Breda. Bike data generated with the Bike Citizens App, but also external data can be loaded into the tool and processed for simulation and evaluation.

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    Bike Citizens has received many different awards the last years. Whether for the sustainable work model, the exemplary approaches to inspire more people to cycle or for innovative product solutions.

    German Cycling Award 2021

    Cat. service

    FFG Spirit Award

    For innovations

    Eurobike Gold Award


    Bike Citizens Customers

    We worked with many city and regional governments to make cycling more fun and saver. See a few here:


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    Stadt Osnabrück

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    App, Bike Benefit, Analytics


    App, PING, Analytics


    App, PING, Analytics

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    App, PING, Analytics

    Landkreis München




    Frankfurt am Main

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    Land Steiermark

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