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Bike Citizens is a young technology company that offers digital solutions and products to promote cycling. As a company, you benefit from our digital platform combined with expertise around bicycle mobility. Our products and services customised for your business:


Get your team moving! With the digital Bike2Work campaign. How do your employees get to the office every day? How healthy and motivated are your employees? How do you ensure team spirit and team success? How do you see your responsibility as a company for the environment and our future generations? Are you still thinking about it? Or ready to act? Here are three quick wins for you as a company:

measurable CO2 savings

with our campaign, you know exactly how much Co2 your company saved

300 Chocolate Bars

worth of calories is what your employees burn when cycling 5 times per week to work

Two Sick Days less

when cycling to work – keeping your team motivated and healthy

The key elements

Bike2Work is a campaign that motivates people to commute by bike and combines digitalisation with gamification. We offer you the total carefree package including marketing, user support and campaign management

App and Web

Get your digital Bike2Work campaign tailored for your company

Challenges and Team

Make your employees connect with each other and change patterns on a playfull manner

Stats and data

Benefit from an easy campaign monitoring via your own ranking page

Easy onboarding

Joining the campaign is easy, just a few steps are necessary and the barriers to entry are kept as low as possible.

Easy monitoring

The Bike Citizens app enables employees to record their daily journeys to work, view personal statistics and share their successes.


Company branding and specific functionality


CO2 saving and climate protection

Team building

Team building, motivate and engage

How to reach your company by bike

Is your company easily reachable by bike? Try the "5MinutesbyBike"-Tool on our bike map. This will show you at a glance how long it will take your employees to commute by bike to your locations. You can calculate individual Bike2Work trips based on different cycling profiles in the Bike Citizens Map or in the Bike Citizens app as well.

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    Finn for retail

    Our award-winning gadget in your shop: The Finn smartphone mount for every handle bar and every bike. Reliable, robust and versatile. Optionally with your logo.

    Get Finn

    Finn branding

    Whether you are a company that is looking for a great give-away, an organization searching for an incentive or a brand in need of great merchandising, the branded smartphone mount Finn is the answer.

    Check branding options


    Made of high quality silicone, the Finn is even tested by -20 °C!


    Your logo on the Finn. Create brand-awareness with every ride.


    Light as a feather and fits in any pocket.

    Our clients & partners

    We have worked with many companies and organizations to promote cycling and build more liveable cities.



    Bicycle Network Australia




    Bonn Jobwärts


    Österreich Radelt


    Hungary BAM Campaign






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