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Do I have to pay to use the app?

The Bike Citizens cycling app can be downloaded free of charge from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The basic functions (tracking, route planning without intermediate stops, navigation without voice announcements, trip overview) can then be used immediately worldwide. In addition, a personal free Premium area can be created in which you can test many premium functions of the app free of charge. If the app’s functions convince you and you want to use all of them worldwide, go to the market and sign up for a Premium membership!

What exactly is the free Premium area?

The free Premium area is self-defined and consists of a 7km circumference from the selected point. The area can only be set once for free. In this area you can use many Premium functions, such as multi-stop route planning, navigation with voice announcements, download as an offline map, setting tags. If the app’s functions convince you and you want to use all of them worldwide, take out a Premium membership in the market!

What are the advantages of a Premium membership?

With a
Premium membership, you can use all the features of the cycling app
without restriction all over the world:

  • Route planning with as many stopovers as you like and online
    navigation with voice announcements worldwide.
  • Plan your routes at any time and save them for later.
  • User-defined map download for offline use of route planning and
  • Extensive customisation of app and routing settings
  • Custom tags for your saved trips
  • Get your high-resolution, personal heatmap
In which countries is the Bike Citizens cycling app available?

Bike Citizens online route planning and navigation is available worldwide. So you can get started right away, no matter where you are.

In which languages is the app available?

Bike Citizens is available in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Hungarian.

I have a voucher code for the app. How can I redeem it?

Voucher codes can be redeemed on this website: https://frontend.bikecitizens.net/voucher/
You have to log in with your Bike Citizens account and then enter the voucher code.
This will activate a premium membership for the defined period of time. After this period, the membership ends automatically.

Downloading offline maps

How can I download an offline map?

download offline maps, click on the map symbol (with arrow) on the map view to get to the overview. The free Premium area, as well as sponsored (free) maps can be downloaded easily at any time. If you have a premium membership, you can download a custom map section at any time (max. 50x50km or 1GB data).


What options are there for customising the route?

When you plan a route, you can adjust the route guidance to your personal needs directly in the planning by means of various settings (e.g. if you are travelling with an e-bike or only want to ride on asphalted roads with a racing bike). You can also choose your preferred route from various route suggestions.

How does the selected Routing Profile affect the routing?

The choice of Routing Profile determines the extend of detours that will be accepted in order to avoid routes that are not as bicycle-friendly (e.g. busy roads).

  • When choosing the “Balanced profile, greater priority is given to dedicated cycling infrastructure or smaller residential streets. Whenever possible, the routing will try to avoid “uncomfortable” road sections, even if this makes the journey a little bit longer.
  • The “Fast profile is aimed at experienced cyclists who prefer to reach their destinations quickly and who also feel confident on roads with heavier traffic. The quickest route that is calculated must not necessarily be the shortest route, if it is possible to avoid a number of right and left turns along the way.
  • The “Normal” profile is a middle way between the other two profiles and is aimed at reasonably experienced cyclists who want to reach their destinations without too many detours in a relatively stress-free way.

Route tracking & Data use

What are the benefits of tracking my rides?

1) The tracking allows you to look back on your completed journeys on your app dashboard which includes a statistical overview and a graphical representation of your activity in the form of your personal heat map. This is intended to both motivate users to get on their bikes more regularly and to also illustrate how well suited the bicycle is as a mode of transport in metropolitan areas.

2) It is possible to extract a great deal of useful information on a city’s cycling infrastructure if many users track their rides. For example, the information can help with decisions on infrastructure improvements or help with coordinating traffic light sequences more efficiently. This is why we provide town planning offices and research institutions with anonymised tracking data that are generated while using the app.

3) The information collected with the tracking can also help to improve the Bike Citizens routing. This means, for example, that we could calculate average waiting times at junctions and thereby improve route recommendations.

Can the route tracking be deactivated?

Yes, route tracking can be activated and deactivated in the app settings at any time.

When will my journeys be logged?

As long as the route tracking is activated in the app settings, your journeys will be recorded both as you use the navigation feature and when you use the bike computer.

What sort of information is saved?

If the route tracking is activated, the following information is periodically collected along the travelled routes: Location, time stamps, current GPS accuracy, height above sea level and the direction according to the compass sensor.

In addition, the following information is sent per journey: a serial number that is randomly generated when the app is installed (so that the different journeys can be associated), the smartphone model, the operating system version, the app version and the time (e.g. at the beginning and at the end of the journey).

How is the data stored?

Personalised location data is stored on our servers. This means that individual journeys are linked to the login details and can then be viewed in a personalised view on a dashboard. The transfer of personalised data between your smartphone or computer and our servers is always encrypted. In addition, the password in the server database is stored in an encrypted form (using Salt). The database servers are located in Germany or Austria.

What happens to the information that is collected?

The information that has been collected is used for the following purposes:

  • Processing of statistical and visual information for personal and collective views
  • Data analysis in order to improve the app routing
  • To generate personalised and collective graphical representations (e.g. one year of pedal power)
  • Calculation of aggregated data (e.g. on a city level) and to present this information on websites
  • Mini dashboard in the app

In the planning:

  • Enable users to download their data in GPX format (and other formats, if necessary)
Will my information be passed onto third parties?

As a matter of principle, we do not pass on your data to third parties, except for projects that directly or indirectly benefit our users, such as those that improve the cycling infrastructure (e.g. passing on aggregated data to city authorities to help them identify areas that require development) or that improve the app routing (such as the BikeWave research project). In the event that information is passed onto a third party, any recorded data is always anonymised. Information is never passed onto third parties for marketing purposes.

When are my journeys uploaded and how large is the data volume?

Your journeys are automatically uploaded when you arrive at one of your destinations or when you manually end the tracking.

If the upload does not happen straight away, the journey that has been saved is not lost. Another attempt to upload this information will be made the next time the app is opened.

The amount of data to be transferred per journey depends on several variables and primarily on the length of the journey. Experience tells us that the data volume per minute is around 10 kB.

Feedback & Problems

Where can I report problems or errors?

Please send us a description of the error, including information about your smartphone, operating system version and your user name (if available) to info@bikecitizens.net. It may also be helpful if you are able to send us a screenshot of the error message or a the problem screen. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have feature requests, suggestions for improvements or would like to submit feedback on the app.

We are always happy to receive any feedback. Simply send us your thoughts and suggestions to info@bikecitizens.net. Thank you!

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