Bike Citizens Cycling App

The smart app for when you are on the move
  • Route

    Discover new cycle routes

    Plan your route, add as many stops as you like, adapt the route to your personal needs and let it guide you comfortably to your destination. Worldwide availability.

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  • Tracking

    Record & share your rides

    Start tracking your journeys with just one click. Get your personal overview in your profile and share your tracks with your friends.

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  • Pont of interest

    Discover new places

    Whether you're on holiday or at home - our simple address search and information on interesting places will help you to get to know your surroundings better.

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  • Navigation

    Be guided by voice prompts

    "Turn left in 10 metres ..." Precise voice prompts take you comfortably to your destination so that you can fully enjoy the ride.

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  • Plaza

    Cycling news

    Always up to date with our Bike Citizens Plaza, a place to find out the latest news and a starting point for many exciting events and campaigns.

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  • Tours

    Explore the city & surroundings

    Want some inspiration on where to go for a ride? Explore the city and surrounding area through suggested bike rides created by local cyclists.

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  • Heatmap

    Overview of your activities

    Get a personal overview of your travelled routes as a "heatmap". In addition, you can always track your recorded rides in your profile.

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  • Campaigns

    Participate in campaigns

    Already registered too late for "Cycle to Work"? This won't happen to you in the future. In the Bike Citizens Plaza you can find out what's happening in your area.

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How do I attach my smartphone to my bicycle handlebars?
Finn Smartphone Mount

Bike Citizens Navigation

For cyclists, by cyclists.

Bike Citizens is the first cycling app that caters to the needs of cyclists in urban areas and won’t let you down when you’re planning a ride in the countryside.

What makes our cycling app so special?

Multi-stop route planning

Plan your route with as many stopovers as you like and choose the route suggestion that suits you best.

Bicycle Type

The routing takes your needs into account. You can choose whether you prefer to ride on asphalt (e.g. when riding a roadbike) or whether you ride an e-bike and therefore accept higher gradients.

Elevation Profile

Bike Citizens always shows the route with the ideal gradient. Depending on the routing profile, more (e.g. e-bike) or less tolerance (e.g. city bike) is allowed for gradients.

Available worldwide

The cycling app is available worldwide. So you can get started right away, no matter if you live in Vienna, Paris, London, New York or outside of the big cities.

Online & offline function

After downloading the app, you can immediately start online route planning
and navigation. If you want ensure app funcionality even without Internet connection or want to avoid roaming costs, you can also download a map and use it offline (Premium membership).

Your free Premium area

Download the app and start cycling: Multi-stop route planning, navigation and many more Premium features can be used for free in your self-defined Premium area.

Bike Citizens connects cyclists worldwide.

Find out what’s happening in your area and share your knowledge with other Bike Citizens.

How Bike Citizens can work together to instigate positive change

Cycling heatmap Berlin

Cycling Intelligence

Approximately 450,000 people are helping to create better conditions for cyclists in their cities. How does it work? All cycling routes that are recorded are displayed anonymously in heat maps and are used to assist with urban planning. This is a fantastic reason to become a part of the Bike Citizens Community that will enable you to help shape your city.



The map material on the Bike Citizens cycling app is based on OpenStreetMap, which is a freely accessible geodatabank. The ongoing development of Bike Citizens means we are not just users, but also contributors to OpenStreetMap. What happens if a cycle route has not been recorded correctly? Simply add it yourself on OpenStreetMap.

Do you have any other questions about the app?