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The Bike Citizens Cycling App Brand New: What’s Behind the Big Update?

The Bike Citizens cycling app has been guiding many cyclists all over the world for many years. Whether in Europe or overseas, by city bike or speed bike, weekend rides or afternoon tracks no matter, the Bike Citizens app provides the right set amount of features to cover the daily commuting demands of our users.

But it is just like Einstein said; “life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.”

And that was we did, we kept on moving. After some intensive months, extreme-coffee-consuming nights and nerve-wrecking days: we can proudly announce to you our new app rewrite! With more features, a stable set of base code and a user friendlier interface, this new release is ready for your next ride!

Starting from scratch

Why is this update so different than any other update? A genuine and legit question. To start with, we started all over again. After many years of updating and expanding, our app became like your typical attic room: messy, dusted and full with stuff you do not need anymore. And every time you need something in particular or want to change something, you need to move over a lot of other stuff first to get where you want to go. Well, that is exactly how it was for the Bike Citizens app. But now after all this work, we turned our “attic-app” into our more comfortable yet bigger, highly fashionable living room with state of the art furniture.
Not just for our own team of developers, but especially for, you, our users. The app is now faster, more reliable and bugs are easier solved (remember – we do not need to move those old boxes of Christmas decoration first in order to get to the right spot). Besides that, the feedback and change requests we get from you can be now be processed way faster.

Bike Citizens App
The new look of the Bike Citizens app

New interface and functions

The second reason is: we changed the complete interface, navigation panel and user functions of the Bike Citizens cycling app. Besides the good old map view, the app now has a “Me” section, a “Plaza” area and a “Market” place.

Me Profile
Your personal heatmap, your tracks, your campaigns


This one is simple: everything about you. Your profile, your total listed tracks, total amount of distance you rode with you bicycle and your heatmap. Besides your tracks, your unlocked achievements and badges are listed here as well.

News about cycling in your city


The Plaza is the place where you get all the information about cycling events in your region. You can set the region yourself from 10km to worldwide. These could be bike to work campaigns, cycling petitions, magazine articles or social media feeds.

Bike Citizens market
The marketplace for bicycle-related services and products


The market tab is the place where you can see any relevant cycling offers from us or, in the future, our partners.

Bike Citizens world
Limitless cycling all over the world

No need to buy maps anymore

The third reason this update is so different is because we changed our maps structure. We started out with just a few city maps back in 2012. The city regions in our app got bigger, smaller towns where also added and eventually we had the world cycling infrastructure covered in our app. Selling independent city or regional maps no longer made any sense. Besides, you, our users, requested a cross-region based platform, meaning you do no need to switch maps when taking a longer tour.

Hence we stopped with selling independent cards and make the whole world available for free – for any kind of user.

But what is the catch?

Well there is none, the app is free and will also remain so. What we did to make sure we still get the funds we need for maintenance and development, is, we came up with a bunch of new features you can use as a premium user. Premium features such as multi-stop routing, custom tagging and your own custom cycling heat map are only available for premium members or in your free premium area.

Free premium area

Everybody who downloads the Bike Citizens app can directly start tracking and routing. No registering required, no need to watch some in-app advertising or let alone pay first. No, you can just directly start cycling! For those users who want a bit more though, registering in our app for free gives you some extra benefits which we would like to summarize as “your own free premium area” (or freemium area). This is an area with at diameter of 7 km or 4.35 Miles, that you can set yourself on any given location on the map. Within the radius of the map, you will have multiple premium features for free. Meaning, you can now navigate in your city using multi-stop routing without being a premium member.


Discover new cycle routes


Record your journey


Plan your personal route

Bike Citizens Premium

If you want all functions, world wide without any limitations, we also offer a third option: premium subscription. With either a monthly fee of €3,50 or a yearly subscription of €28,- you can use the app with all its features worldwide.

What are those Premium functions?

• Plan multi-stop routes
• Use voice over navigation
• Set custom tags
• See your custom heatmap
• Create you own custom offline map
• More will come and are already on route!

One of the new Premium Features is the interactive heatmap sharing. All your tracks combined in one image, the more intense the colour the more you have driven it. You can set your time frame and share it with others!


Summary of your activities

Pont of interest

Discover new places


Plan your personal route

But hold your bikes, there is more!

Although the app is ready for action – there are still some cool things to happen in the future. We still have a lot of functions reserved for the 2021 road map, many of them will be already released with the next update following in a few months. But it is just like with a birthday, it makes way more fun to get the presents spread out over the entire day rather than unpacking them all at once. We are aware of this…
So make sure you keep an eye out on our cycling app, use it regularly because more cool features will be launched soon!

Enjoy your rides
Bike Citizens

P.S.: Please send your questions and feedback to:
We are grateful for any suggestions that help us to make the Bike Citizens app even better.

Hint: Have you heard about Finn? The universal smartphone mount for bicycles made by Bike Citizens? With every Finn you buy, you get a free 3 months premium subscription for the Bike Citizens app!

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