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The Bike Citizens App is the digital home of every cyclist. The app breaks down barriers to entry for beginning cyclists and lets them experience the pure joy of cycling. Using app routing and navigation, inexperienced and safety-oriented people as well as experienced cyclists can find bike-friendly routes through the city and get to know the existing bike infrastructure and bike-friendly side streets. But there is more than meets the eye. With our lifestyle magazine "Urban Independence", our smartphone mount Finn and our expertice on the digitization of cycling, the world of Bike Citizens is fast and expanding

Founded 2011

… with € 1,500 from two bike messengers


… more than 30 employees in Graz and Germany


… availability of our cycling app

… app downloads

Over 1,000,000

… sold smartphone mounts “Finn”

4-day week

… to have more time for other stuff – like cycling


… national and international awards

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Bike Citizens cycles into the future

It’s been an eventful year for the bike app Bike Citizens. And not only for the company. Because behind every company there are personal stories, convictions and lifeblood.

With Elisabeth Felberbauer and Herbert Steinbauer, Bike Citizens has two new owners who want to further advance the vision and mission of the company.



PING! Campaign to the ESSEM project

ESSEM means Emotion Sensing for (e-) bicycle safety and mobility comfort. The aim of the project is to find out how cyclists feel during their ride and, as a result, to derive implications.



Get rewarded for cycling

Do something good for yourself, the environment and local businesses – the Bike Benefit campaign makes it possible. The Bike Benefit Campaign is a reward system specifically for cyclists. From September to November 2022, Osnabrück residents can use the Bike Citizens app to earn great prizes, vouchers and discounts.




We are happy and proud to announce that our website has gotten successfully through its makeover. With a clean structure, a new identity and more information about our products and services, this website contains all the information you need regardless you are an urban planner, a cycling fanatic or a bike shop owner.



Bike Citizens has received many different awards in recent years. Whether for the sustainable work model, the exemplary approaches to inspire more people to cycle or for innovative product solutions.

German Cycling Award 2021

Cat. service

FFG Spirit Award

For innovations

Eurobike Gold Award