Discover how PING supports cyclists and policymakers in improving cycling conditions in their city or town. Here, you will find all info you need to get started. The City of Leuven is your PING playground!

What’s PING all about?

Developed by Bike Citizens and Mobiel 21, PING is a data-driven tool that empowers local cyclists to flag bottlenecks in cycling infrastructure, conflict points with other road users and unsafe situations they encounter along their daily routes. All while they’re on their bike, in real-time.

In turn, PING provides policymakers with an online dashboard of local cycling conditions, including all data points collected by their local cyclists. Analysis of this dashboard data allows policymakers to identify the wishes and wants of cyclists at low cost, prioritize budgets and achieve quick wins through targeted measures.

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Getting started

3. Join the campaign

You’ll find PING @ POLIS Leuven in the Plaza. In the process we’ll setup the Bluetooth connection to the PING button too.

Cycle, PING and categorize

Once your button and app are connected, you are ready to go!

Each time you hop on your bike, go the app and click “Start tracking” at the bottom of your screen. Simply start cycling and press the PING button on your handlebar every time you encounter a situation that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable as a cyclist in Leuven.

Pothole? PING! Reckless car driver? PING! Long waiting time at an intersection? PING! Any situation that strikes you while cycling is worth a PING. The button automatically saves your PINGs and their location in the app.

Once you’re at your destination, you can check your route and your PINGs on map in the app. There, you can also add some more information about each PING by assigning it to a predetermined category. This way, you can explain why you PING’ed at a certain location with only a few taps on your phone.

Visit our booth at POLIS and join our 2024 webinar

Want to know more about how PING supports policymakers with data analysis, policy priorities and specific implementation steps? Visit the Mobiel 21 booth at POLIS to dive into the PING dashboard and discover it all.

And there’s more… On Thursday 25 January 2024 (9h30-11h00), we will host a webinar for policymakers to showcase the benefits of PING based on the data collected during POLIS in Leuven. Your data, in other words. As a PING @ POLIS participant, you will receive an invitation for this webinar. Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if the connection to the PING button is set up. Is there a way to set up the connection manually?

While the campaign will prompt you to set up your PING button when you join, you can also set up the button from the app’s settings. To do so, follow these steps: Click “Me” on the bottom of your screen. Click the gear icon on the top of your screen to go to your settings. Click “PING”. Activate the check box. Click “Connect” while pressing the PING button on your bike’s handlebar. Done!

I’ve started tracking and the “PING” symbol on the screen is blinking. What does that mean?

This means that the connection to the PING button is being initiated. The symbol will stop blinking once the connection is made – that’s when you can also start recording your PINGs.

Further Questions?

Do you want to pick up your PING button? Or need help getting started with the tool? Make sure to reach out to Mobiel 21’s PING expert Elke Franchois via