PING if you care!

PING if you care!

Cyclists in Brussels mark bottlenecks by the push of a button

  • Brussels uses Bike Citizens app for urban planning
  • Cyclists mark over 11.000 bottlenecks within 4 weeks
  • PING data improves infrastructural planning

Graz, 3rd of July 2017. Together with Mobiel 21, the Flemish organisation for sustainable mobility, Bike Citizens launched the PING if you care! campaign in Brussels on the 31st of May 2017. The PING button, which allows people to mark bottlenecks during cycling, will fulfil a central role in the campaign.

Ping Button Bike Citizens Mobiel 21

The PING if you care! campaign allows people in Brussels to actively engage in the development of their city. With the PING button, participants can mark situations which they perceive as unsafe. By doing so, they create a clear image of the current traffic situation for cyclists. The starting signal for the pilot city Brussels sounded on the 31st of May 2017. The campaign is financed by the Cabinet Debaets (regional government of Brussels), city of Brussels. Cyclists in Brussels can actively engage in the improvement of cycling infrastructure until November 2017.

PING button: small yet smart

The PING button, which was developed by Bike Citizens and Mobiel 21, is around 4 centimetres in width and can be attached to the handlebar or clothing. The button communicates with the Bike Citizens app through Bluetooth. Participants of the campaign can „ping“ bottlenecks in traffic, which will then be automatically marked on a map within the app and on the campaign website. A short introduction explains participants in which situations it is useful to „ping“. For instance, potholes in the road, a traffic sign which is hidden behind branches, a crossing where priority rules are ignored, and so on. Besides responses on infrastructural defects, people can also respond to perceived danger or conflicts between road users. Cyclists can categorise and comment on their PINGs straight away or afterwards in the Bike Citizens app. These PINGs are visualised in a heatmap where all the tracked rides and different PINGs are shown in different colours. Since the start of the campaign, participants have already uploaded over 11000 PINGs and left their comments on over 6500 of these PINGs.

The direct string to the municipality

The combination of the PING button and the Bike Citizens app creates the opportunity for a very transparent and direct way of communication with the city. Through PING if you care! the city will gain information about and insight into the daily traffic situation. Needs and emotions are made visible. All the findings of the campaign will eventually be analysed and turned into clear recommendations for the city to improve the cycling traffic.

The responses to the campaign from Brussels are very positive. At the moment, Bike Citizens has already received multiple requests from cities and organisations which want to implement PING if you care! in their city. Bike Citizens is planning to implement the campaign in different cities, and will happily take new requests from cities.

Further information about PING if you care!

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About Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens was founded 2011 in Graz by former bike messengers Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl. At the moment, the company employs over 35 people in Graz and Berlin. The aim of Bike Citizens is to make urban cycling more attractive in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in cities. In order to reach this goal, Bike Citizens develops products which offer urban cyclists a platform for information and exchange. Together with cities, companies and organisations, Bike Citizens works on software solutions and communication and marketing concepts to promote cycling.

About Mobiel 21

The organisation Mobiel 21 stands for sustainable mobility in Flanders, Belgium and Europe. For Mobiel 21, sustainable mobility means a balance between social, ecological, economic and health aspects. Her mission is to create an environment which is accessible in an environmentally friendly and safe way. Mobiel 21 inspires and motivates people, groups, organisations and governments, and analyses their mobility habits. Mobiel 21 and her partners are aware of the consequences of their behaviour and act upon it.

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