PING if you care! Heatmap

PING if you care!

First map shows bottlenecks marked by Brussels‘ cyclists

  • Cyclists in Brussels have marked 15,000 critical spots in the city so far
  • First visualisation of the collected data available as heatmap
  • Pilot project PING if you care! nominated for VCÖ Mobility Award

Graz, 26th of July 2017. The motivation of participants of the cycling campaign PING if you care! in Brussels is very high. Even after six weeks since the start of the project, which was launched by Bike Citizens and Mobiel 21. The PING button allows for easy communication with the local government.

Around 15,000 times did the participants of the campaign already push their PING buttons. This will help the local government of Brussels to become more aware of bottlenecks and critical situations. The participants will also collect data about traffic situations, which are not covered in other statistics, like for example ignoring priority in traffic. Recently, Bike Citizens has visualised the first collected data in the form of a PING heatmap (overview map).

PING heatmap – cycled tracks and pinged spots

The heatmap visualises cycled tracks as well as places in the city which have been „pinged“. The brightness and concentration of the lines show where the most people have cycled. And the bigger the circle, the more PINGs have been marked on this location.

The number of PINGs does not directly correlate with the potential danger of a certain spot. The danger of certain spots will first be determined after collecting the data, in November. Since the start of the project on the 31st of May 2017, more than 6,000 tracks have been cycled and more than 15,000 PINGs were uploaded. Even though cyclists can still ping for three more months, the heatmap gives a first impression of where improvements could be effective for many cyclists. The PINGs that can be improved (or tackled) easily, will be sent directly to the local government. The analysis of the final data and the interpretation of the pinged places are planned to be in November 2017. The PINGs will then be correlated with the uploaded tracks, comments and the other cycling data. After that, clear recommendations will be sent to the local government, which is financing the whole campaign. This will ensure that all the contributions of participants will be taken into consideration. Which means that they will not be drifting around on one of numerous online platforms gathering user feedback on streets.

International cooperation, which works

The international project team has already gotten a lot of positive response about PING if you care! The project is an example for other cities as well since categorized information can be directly transferred in a quick and easy way. Recently, Bike Citizens was nominated for the VCÖ Mobility Award because of the project. They were nominated in the category „digitalisation and web based mobility solutions“. The next step is to implement PING if you care! in other cities as well. Besides that, the project can also be used for other types of soft mobility (e.g. walking, public transport).

About Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens was founded 2011 in Graz by former bike messengers Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl. At the moment, the company employs over 35 people in Graz and Berlin. The aim of Bike Citizens is to make urban cycling more attractive in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in cities. In order to reach this goal, Bike Citizens develops products which offer urban cyclists a platform for information and exchange. Together with cities, companies and organisations, Bike Citizens works on software solutions and communication and marketing concepts to promote cycling.

About Mobiel 21

The organisation Mobiel 21 stands for sustainable mobility in Flanders, Belgium and Europe. For Mobiel 21, sustainable mobility means a balance between social, ecological, economic and health aspects. Her mission is to create an environment which is accessible in an environmentally friendly and safe way. Mobiel 21 inspires and motivates people, groups, organisations and governments, and analyses their mobility habits. Mobiel 21 and her partners are aware of the consequences of their behaviour and act upon it.

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