Bike Citizens Cycling Campaigns

Promote cycling in your city

Bike Benefit

Bike Benefit rewards people in a fun way for cycling regularly.

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Integrate cycling events in the Bike Citizens app and make more people in your city aware of cycling activities.

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PING if you care!

Our GPS and Bluetooth technologies identify and analyse places in traffic that may pose a risk for cyclists.

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Cycling to work? We can help you to implement Bike2Work campaigns.

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Finn Smartphone Mount

Our top-notch smartphone mount  is reliable, durable and very versatile.

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The Bike Benefit System is a tool to get in touch with new customers and to say ‘thank you for cycling’ to the people in Hamburg.

Juliane Sondermeyer, Craft Beer Brauerei von Freude
Businesses can increase their store traffic by taking part in the Bike Benefit System. It showed, that the bike riding community is ready to join in.
Martin Blum, Cycling Commissioner