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Discover the many facets of Finn

Our patented Finn smartphone mount has many different features. Whether for the end customer, the distributor or corporate customers: High margins and branding options provide versatility and are excellent selling points.



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Finn Smartphone Mount

Finn is a star among smartphone mounts. It is reliable, durable and versatile and a great way to impress customers and business partners.

  • Recipient of the Eurobike Award
  • Already 500,000 sold
  • Includes a city map for the Bike Citizens app (€4.49)

Finn Branding

Finn with your design

The perfect promotional gift for customers and business partners that will ensure your company is remembered the whole year long.

Branding checklist

Finn is such a great product! It’s simple and clever – a necessity when you‘re out and about enjoying beautiful Sydney or the laneways of Melbourne.

Brent Dawson - Dawson Sports Group Pty Ltd
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