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Bike Citizens strengthens employees and companies

We support and market companies that promote cycling with our tools, services and campaigns. This enables us to offer a modern and comprehensive service for companies who want to make a difference!


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Service Package 1

Support active commuting

The Finn smartphone mount and the Bike Citizens app are the dream team for fit and active companies

Finn in your corporate design

The addition of your corporate design makes Finn the perfect brand ambassador. The company name is therefore always by the customer’s side and it makes a great promotional gift for customers and partners.



Bike Citizens App

The Bike Citizens app enables employees to record their daily journeys to work, view personal statistics and share their successes.

The app is also very versatile. Customised colour coding and the use of logos and branding ensure our services are associated specifically with your company.

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Service Package 2

Increase motivation over the long term and provide sources of information

Company campaigns & app news feed

Competition motivates.

Company employees form teams and take part in campaigns via the app. Using rewards to motivate – an old and effective strategy.

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Find out information via the app news feed.

Use the Bike Citizens app news feed to communicate with your colleagues and employees: Keep a finger on the pulse and get the latest information.

More about the app

Heatmap Vienna

Statistics at a glance.

View tracked activities at any time via the company dashboard. The information is presented in a visually attractive way and is based on current data.

Do you want to motivate people to keep on cycling over the long term?
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The Bike Citizens App is a fun way to motivate companies and cyclists to get active and to choose the bicycle over other modes of transport each and every day.

Alec Hager - spokesperson for the cycling lobby group Radlobby Austria and campaign manager for the RadeltZurArbeit (Cycle to Work) initiative.

Service Package 3

From a cycling-friendly company to a Bike Company

A new chapter of social responsibility for your company.

The great results are there for all to see.

We display interesting facts and figures on your company’s bicycle use on screens in your reception or break areas. This information is attractively presented and promotes health and fitness in your company.

Company Bicycles and Cargo Bicycles

We collaborate with our partners to provide bicycles that can be used for commuting to work. Cycling is free and time efficient, enabling you to get to your next meeting without delay or handle an urgent package delivery yourself.


Events & Marketing

Print and online marketing relating to the activities you have carried out to promote cycling are also part of our repertoire, as well as events that provide excellent media exposure and publicise your achievements.


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