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Use Bike Citizens to increase the modal share of cycling

We can put together just the right package for each city: We navigate your citizens quickly and safely across the city, provide rewards and incentive schemes to ensure motivation levels remain high over the long term and provide data on bicycle traffic in your city.

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City Cycling Solutions
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More people will (regularly) travel by bicycle

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Offline map

Map material can be accessed offline as soon as the relevant city package has been downloaded.

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The sophisticated routing algorithm enables you to find the quickest or most pleasant way to cycle from A to B.

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GPS Tracking

Journeys that have already been cycled are clearly displayed and can be viewed at any time.

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Online route planner

Plan your journeys from home with the online route planner. The route planner can be incorporated into any website and tailored to suit your corporate identity.

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Discover how far you can cycle in 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.


Bike Benefit

Bike Benefit rewards people in a fun way for cycling regularly.

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Cycling to work? We can help you to implement Bike2Work campaigns.

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Safe Cycling

Our GPS and Bluetooth technologies identify and analyse places in traffic that may pose a risk for cyclists.

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Integrate cycling events in the Bike Citizens app and make more people in your city aware of cycling activities.

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Tours & POI

A cycling tour can be followed by users: Why not show the best sightseeing attractions or accompany newcomers as they find their way around the city?

Finn Smartphone Mount

Our top-notch smartphone mount  is reliable, durable and very versatile.

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Cycling Events

Cycling events make the city’s cycling provision more visible and create a smart and modern image.

Data Analysis

Software to analyse data generated by users.

Data Potential

Reveal the potential of the effects of planned investment in cycling infrastructure on bicycle traffic.

Data Monitoring

Evaluation of cycling infrastructure projects that have already been implemented.

Reliable and informative data on bicycle traffic is difficult to obtain. Good planning is based on data and estimates. The more precise the data, the less reliance on guesswork.

Frank Tristram – Eco Libro GmbH

Customer Testimonials

PING if you care! in Brussels

We support campaigns and projects to promote cycling in cities. With PING if you care! we make cycling in Brussels safer.


The Bike Citizens app and the online route planner are very versatile. Our services become your services with our individualised branding options. Why not see for yourself!

Finn Branding

Finn in City Design

The perfect addition to the Bike Citizens app, which alerts more people about current campaigns by means of a promotional giveaway.

Branding checklist

Branded Finns ensure that we are with our customers during every journey and that they always remember us. This method ensures that they associate us with great experiences and that they come back to us every time.

Johannes Strauss - CEO NYCeWheels

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