The digital guidance system for cities from Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens helps urban citizens to navigate their way across their cities, it promotes cycling and analyses useful data on bicycle traffic.

  • Use cycling intelligence

    Help citizens navigate across the city simply and safely.

    Use the Bike Citizens app to display cycle-friendly routes, facilitate offline navigation and display distances cycled.

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  • Use cycling intelligence

    Inspire citizens with new perspectives.

    The Bike Citizens app and the online route planner highlight interesting sightseeing attractions and local hidden gems. The route planner also shows citizens how far they can cycle in 5 minutes.

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Promote cycling with Bike Citizens

Whether via the app, on the internet or at events, Bike Citizens interacts with the community and focuses on promoting cycling on various platforms. We share our cycling intelligence with cities and with users as we believe we should only sit on our bike saddles and not on our knowledge!

  • Share cycling intelligence

    An invitation to cycle.

    Our Finn smartphone mount is an invitation to cycle, a tool that spreads messages and a gift that will always be gratefully received.

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  • Share cycling intelligence

    Motivate over the long term.

    Incentive schemes, campaigns and events motivate by rewarding.

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  • Share cycling intelligence

    Develop local communities.

    Markets are built through conversations: we will connect you to the cycling community, whether through the magazine, via the app news feed or events.

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Analyse bicycle traffic with Bike Citizens

The high-quality data and user-friendly analysis tools enable data-driven information on bicycle traffic to be generated, the potential effects on cycling infrastructure and initiatives to be simulated and projects that have been implemented to be evaluated.

  • Instigate change with cycling intelligence

    Gut instinct is turned into solid evidence.

    We provide facts and figures to substantiate the relevance of bicycle traffic.

  • Instigate change with cycling intelligence

    Simplify complex processes.

    We provide useful tools that support the planning and evaluation of cycling infrastructure.

  • Instigate change with cycling intelligence

    Demonstrate the potential that can be derived from investment in cycling infrastructure.

    Simulations show the positive effects that investment in cycling infrastructure can have.

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What does investment in cycling achieve?


  • Greater productivity & less stress
  • Up to 50% fewer employee absences due to traffic issues
  • Reduces the cost of providing parking spaces


  • Increases retail revenues in urban areas
  • Efficient use of land & space
  • Safeguards air quality  & reduces noise pollution

Bike Citizens helps to…

… navigate citizens

Use the Bike Citizens app and the online route planner to quickly and safely navigate citizens from A to B and present information to users in a graphical form on the routes they have already cycled.

… promote cycling

Use Finn to invite others to cycle. Share your cycling news and know-how with the community via the app, in the Urban Independence Magazine or at cycling events.

… analyse data

Use Bike Citizens to efficiently plan, simulate and implement cycling infrastructure schemes, to determine the impact of new cycling routes and to evaluate initiatives that are already in place.

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