We are looking for a full time

Full Stack Web Developer

with the skills and motivation to transform great concepts and designs into great web applications.

About us

We’re a team of 25+ running an award winning project in great charming offices based in Graz and Berlin. We started out creating the world’s first navigation app focused on urban cycling and being fully offline capable. The next big thing was the “Finn” smartphone mount. There’s much more to come…
Bike Citizens is an independent company and we make our own rules. For example we decided to work only four days a week, that means weekends start on Thursday evening!
Being a small team means that we highly value flexibility, ambition and experience with the technologies we have in use.
You will have the opportunity to work closely with all members of Bike Citizens (including Business Development, Marketing, Sales), which allows you to expand your horizons and take an active role in co-developing and refining key concepts. You will play a central role at the interface between ideas and reality.
We keep bureaucracy at a minimum and encourage everybody to get involved. We have a strong focus on learning by trying out new things and by connecting with others (conferences, workshops).

You are an ideal match if you …


  • Are experienced with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL and git
  • Have basic design skills & good understanding of UX principles
  • Are able to build apps which are desktop and mobile friendly
  • Are aware of performance implications
  • Know how common exploits work and how to safely handle user data
  • Have a pragmatic mindset (choice of technologies and methods based on requirements and constraints)
  • Take a design and vision from a static design to a fully working website
  • Are used to working on Linux (or other Unix) systems
  • Are a positive and proactive person
  • Want to keep learning and share your know how
  • Have good skills in any of: cooking, Wuzzler, chess 😉

Bonus skills relevant for this role:

Experience with:

  • AngularJS
  • Building of community based websites (authentication, account management, invite / follower system etc.)
  • Map based applications (Leaflet) and visualizations (e.g. D3.js)
  • Map design
  • OpenStreetMap ecosystem
  • Mobile apps (hybrid or native)

The minimum salary for this position is set at € 2.600  gross/month. Your actual salary will depend on your experience, skills, contribution to Bike Citizens and is to be negotiated. Salary is offered for 36h base, no all-in-contracts.

Sounds like you? We are dead keen to get to know you!
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