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What are the best gifts for cyclists?

Which tyre lever or bike pump is actually the best? Naturally, every brand says that theirs is the best. To answer this question, our team tested many bicycle tools and made a small selection of our favourite bike accessories for urban cyclists. Only the coolest lifestyle products and practical gifts for cyclists make it into our Bike Citizens Shop.

This is an article written by a guest author from the Bike Citizens community (full profile below). If you also want to share your cycling stories, contact us.
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Bike Citizens stands for urban cycling in all of its facets. Our whole team – from developer to creative director – daily commutes by bike and enjoys the freedom, speed, and flexibility that the bicycle grants us. We want to share this joy and the advantages of cycling with others, in order to get more people excited about cycling every day and thus to make our cities greener and better for its inhabitants. For us, this means not hiding our extensive knowledge about bicycle tools and tips behind the walls of our office. This is why we created our online shop, where we offer our absolute favourite tools.

What will you find in Bike Citizens online shop?

Some of us have ridden thousands of kilometers as bicycle couriers, including our founders Daniel and Andreas. It’s no surprise that “THE best tyre lever” was often the topic of heated debates. So it has come to be that over the course of many years, countless products were tested critically and for extended periods of time, until everyone could agree that there was no better, more affordable, or more practical bike pump, tyre lever, or bike rack.

People who love to cycle in the city and who cycle a lot need good equipment, but it doesn’t always have to be expensive. So we decided to expand our online shop, famous for the Finn Smartphone mount that we developed ourselves, to offer a comprehensive selection of tools for urban cyclists. Among the items offered are practical and useful bicycle products, as well as those that go above and beyond. They are products that we have tested ourselves and that are the best in their categories, as well as stylish bicycle-themed designer products for you to enjoy or to give as a present. Here are a few examples:

Pedro’s Tyre Lever

The award-winning tyre levers by Pedro’s will never let you down. They will see you through thick and thin, and be by your side for every puncture – whether on the road or on the countryside – and last a lifetime. What else could you want from a tyre lever? Perhaps a lifetime guarantee, in case your friend with the strength of a Terminator makes the impossible possible? Of course, that’s included too.

Ralph (bicycle courier) recommends: This will be the last tyre lever that you will ever buy.

Space Wallet

Probably the smallest wallet anywhere, near or far. The space wallet fits into every trouser pockets and every saddlebag. The elastic band holds up to fifteen cards without stretching out. (Don’t worry; it will also hold a single card, if you aren’t a fan of loyalty cards. The slide-in pouch provides space for large and small bills and can also hold up to six coins.

Recommended by Hanna: There’s probably nothing smaller and handier. Everything that you really need fits inside!

CLUG – the smallest bike rack

Probably the smallest and most attractive bicycle mount in the world! CLUG has the same capabilities as a standard bicycle mount. It’s also somewhat smaller and handier. What do you need to use it? A wall or another surface, two screws, a drill, and a bicycle that you’d like to hang up quickly and easily.

Recommended by Andi (former bicycle courier and founder for Bike Citizens): The advantages are obvious. There is no wall mount that’s more minimalistic, while remaining affordable, than the CLUG.

Looking for a gift for a bicycle enthusiast?

If you’re short on ideas what to bring a bicycle enthusiast, take a look at our stylish bike accessories. We try to work with local designers whenever we can in order to be able to offer unique, high-quality products. Sometimes we even have one-off pieces, like the key rack crafted from discarded tyre tubes found on the streets of Berlin. Maybe one of yours is even in the mix!

Our selection is still small, but keep checking back. We will regularly introduce new, tested bike tools into our shop. If you have a favourite product or a suggestion to make, please let us know! Send an email to We look forward to new “test objects”!

Enjoy your rides,

Your Bike Citizens Team

This is an article written by a guest author from the Bike Citizens community (full profile below). If you also want to share your cycling stories, contact us.

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