We plan, you enjoy. Bike Citizens

Cycling is not just movement

We plan, you enjoy. Bike Citizens

Digital campaigns

Company employees take part in campaigns via the app. Some campaigns are using rewards to motivate – an old and effective strategy. But one thing all campaigns have in common: Participants help to improve the urban planning of their city.


Earn points for cycling regularly and get discounts and goodies for it.

Bike Benefit

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Ping! if you care

Mark bottlenecks by the push of a button and improve urban planning.

Bike Benefit

In a playful way, people are encouraged to cycle regularly and earn virtual bonus points, so called Finneros which can be exchanged for discounts, vouchers and free products at local partner companies.

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Cycling to work is very much in vogue – and makes a central contribution to the health and the environment in your city and region. Bike to Work is a campaign that motivates people to commute by bike and combines digitalisation with gamification.

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The deal is to bike to work and track the rides. A 100% digital campaign.


Participants join teams and challenge each other.


Challenges and raffles with prizes motivate your employees even more!

Ping! if you care

The PING if you care! campaign allows people to actively engage in the development of their city. With the PING button, participants can mark situations which they perceive as unsafe. By doing so, they create a clear image of the current traffic situation for cyclists.

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