We are looking for a full time

Interactive Designer (UI/UX)

for both web and mobile design, with prior experience and with a strong focus on community elements.

About us

We’re a team of 20+ running an award winning project in great charming offices based in Graz and Berlin. We started out creating the world’s first navigation app focused on urban cycling and being fully offline capable. The next big thing was the “Finn” smartphone mount. There’s much more to come…
Bike Citizens is an independent company and we make our own rules. For example we decided to work only four days a week, that means weekends start on Thursday evening!
Being a small team means that we highly value flexibility, ambition and experience with the technologies we have in use.
You will have the opportunity to work closely with all members of Bike Citizens (including Business Development, Marketing, Sales), which allows you to expand your horizons and take an active role in co-developing and refining key concepts. You will play a central role at the interface between ideas and reality.
We keep bureaucracy at a minimum and encourage everybody to get involved. We have a strong focus on learning by trying out new things and by connecting with others (conferences, workshops).

These are the key aspects of your role …


Take an active role in co-developing and refining concepts. You will play a central role at the interface between ideas and reality.


Work closely with our Team (Business, Development, Marketing) in order to have all important aspects covered.


Inspire the current and future Bike Citizens in a way which encourages them to promote Bike Citizens.


You are prepared to take constructive criticism, but at the same time able to defend your opinions when appropriate.

You are an ideal match if you …

  • Have prior experience which can be demonstrated via finished projects where you had a leading role
  • Are good at creating visually appealing user interfaces from scratch, but are also able to work with constraints, e.g. remain
    consistent with pre-existing design
  • Have a good understanding of the various non-visual aspects of designs, especially when it comes to mobile
  • Know enough about software development to understand
    constraints/costs related to design decisions
  • Use tools and workflows suited for creating and demonstrating dynamic user interfaces
  • Are a positive and proactive person
  • Want to keep learning and share your know how
  • Have good skills in any of: cooking, Wuzzler, chess 😉

As required by law, we hereby list the minimum salary as specified by the collective agreement (min 1.800 € gross month). Your actual salary will depend on your experience, skills, contribution to Bike Citizens and is to be negotiated. Salary is offered for 36h base, no all-in-contracts.


Sounds like you? We are dead keen to get to know you!
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