Hi, we’re Bike Citizens and we’re looking for a full-time

Bicycle traffic modeling expert

to join our Team in Graz.

We‘re looking for a person with experience in the domain of traffic modeling / traffic planning with a particular focus on – and/or interest in – modeling and analyzing cyclists‘ behaviour. In particular we‘re interested in:

  • Estimating and planning effects of infrastructure changes, from single bicycle paths to entire cycling networks.
  • Using a combination of state-of-the-art data sources and approaches to gain the best possible insights into how people use the bicycle in the city – and to find out how to make it easier for more people to do so.

Experience with GIS tools and methods, as well as solid formal knowledge and expertise in the domain of traffic modeling / planning are a prerequisite. We require either a relevant degree or working experience in this domain.

Some software development experience (e.g. Java, Python, algorithms on graphs, knowledge of GIS databases e.g. PostGIS) is a big plus but not necessarily required!

Salary: We offer a minimum salary of 2.800 € gross/month. Of course we‘ll discuss the salary based on your qualifications and experience.

If you think this is interesting for you, please send us your CV and a short motivational letter.
Let’s talk!

About us

We’re a team of 25+ running an award winning project in great charming offices based in Graz and Berlin. We started out by creating the world’s first navigation app that focuses on urban cycling and offers motivational campaigns for cyclists.
The next big thing was the “Finn” smartphone mount. And now we are also digitizing and analyzing bicycle traffic.

Bike Citizens is an independent company and we make our own rules. For example we decided to work only four days a week, that means weekends start on Thursday evening!