A cycle race through a gallery?

A cycle race through a gallery?

Only in the Altbaukriterium at the Berliner Fahrradschau

  • The latest addition to proceedings at the Berliner Fahrradschau: a unique indoor cycle race Altbaukriterium, taking place in Berlin for the very first time.
  • Race duration: 4 hours on 20 March 2016, starting at 7 p.m. in the Bernheimer Contemporary gallery.
  • Starting places for 25 participants with a registration fee of €10 – registration opens two weeks before the race day.

Berlin, 3rd of February 2016. Take 25 cyclists, a spacious gallery and an enthousiastic crowd, and you have all the ingredients for an Altbaukriterium.

Cycling is an essential part of life in Berlin… The seventh edition of the Berliner Fahrradschau, the largest cycling lifestyle show in the world, takes place from 18-20 March. With well-known designers from the bike fashion industry, leading producers of exclusive accessories and trailblazing companies presenting their latest trends and innovations, the hearts of cycling enthusiasts are sure to beat faster.
As a spectacular event to mark the official closing party, Bike Citizens has organised an Altbaukriterium together with Muchar Upcycles for the very first time this year. Haven’t heard about this yet? Even in Berlin, you haven’t quite seen everything just yet.

An indoor race previously held in apartment buildings, offices and bars, this is a unique event that also deserves a unique location. The 25 participants will blaze a trail through the rooms of the Bernheimer Contemporary gallery. The challenge involves twisting left and then right with your bike without taking off your feet or grabbing hold of any walls or works of art as you make your way through the premises. And it wouldn’t be a race if the fastest cyclist didn’t win.

The rules are quickly explained. Everyone is welcome at an Altbaukriterium event. Those who would like to take part should not delay, as the 25 starting places are highly sought-after and quickly filled. Information about the registration opening is available in advance at Altbaukriterium and from Bike Citizens.

The Altbaukriterium is organised jointly by Bike Citizens and the founder of the indoor cycle race.

About the organisers

Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens was founded as BikeCityGuide in Graz (Austria) in 2011 by the bike messengers Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl. Grown to employ more than 20 people Bike Citizens opened another office in Berlin in February 2015. The company aims to make cycling more attractive and thereby to improve the quality of life in cities. Bike Citizens develops its own cycling-related products and offers a platform to the community of urban cyclists.

To cities, businesses and organizations wishing to strengthen their sustainable image, Bike Citizens offers reliable software solutions as well as communication and marketing concepts. In Berlin, Vienna and Graz Bike Citizens has recorded and visualized routes covered by bike and created so-called heatmaps as an input for city and traffic planning.

Muchar Upcycles

Muchar Upcycles was founded by Bernhard Kober in Grazafter he completed his training as a cycling technician. Bernhard created the first Altbaukriterium in 2009. In September 2014, he opened his workshop and bike sales outlet Muchar Upcycles at Schillerstrasse 2 in Graz. The workshop follows the concept of upcycling. A place where an elegant appearance meets sustainable and solid production.Muchar Upcycles is no ordinary bicycle workshop, however. All kinds of repairs are carried out on bikes here.

Press contact

Bike Citizens
Kerstin Oschabnig
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