Copenhagen has been twice voted the best city to live in the world. This is no surprise given that the beating heart of Denmark is famous for being a green city because its citizens consider environmental issues to be such a high priority. This means that the needs of cyclists are considered to be very important. All cycling lanes, known as Copenhagen lanes, are clearly marked and completely separated from motorised traffic.It therefore stands to reason that nearly a third of all routes to places of work and education can be travelled by bicycle. The goal of the new cycling strategy entitled Good, better, the best. Copenhagen’s Cycling Strategy 2011-2025 is to ensure that half of all routes can be travelled by bicycle. Copenhagen is relatively easy to find your way around. The short distances make the bicycle the most ideal form of transport. Is it easy to reach every corner of the city within a maximum of one hour. Longer cycle tours can be enjoyed in the greater Copenhagen area (20-75km). Bicycles can be carried on the urban train system free of charge, which provides unlimited freedom for everyone who wants to see more of Denmark. It is important to note one thing about cycling in Copenhagen: Copenhagen is flat. It is so flat that bridges probably have the steepest gradients that you will have to contend with. The Valby-Bakke (Valby Hill) is the highest natural feature in Copenhagen, lying 17 metres above sea level. You will probably not even notice that you have reached the zoo at the ‘summit’ of the hill unless you are pedalling a heavily laden cargo bike. The cycling-friendly city of Copenhagen – what are you waiting for?

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