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Vienna to subsidise cargo bikes for private individuals from March 2017

The City of Vienna will provide up to €800 in funding towards cargo bikes from March 2017. If the bikes have an electric motor, the grant increases to a total of up to €1,000. Community cargo bikes will receive even up to 100% subsidisation. More and more cities are recognising the advantages of cargo bikes for private as well as commercial use and are granting subsidies.

If you want to buy a cargo bike, now’s the time. And we’re not just saying that: many European cities are of the same opinion. In fact, 51% of all motorised, inner-city journeys to transport goods could be made by bike, cargo bike or with a trailer. Here is a list of cities that partially finance the purchase of cargo bikes.

Which cities offer grants for cargo bikes?

In Austria

Clubs and companies can save around 20-40% of the purchase price with a grant from Klima:aktiv, the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment for active climate protection.

Graz & Styria

In Styria, the provincial government offers grants of up to €500 to private individuals looking to buy a cargo bike. Entrepreneurs and housing communities enjoy up to €1000 in financial support from the Environmental Agency of the City of Graz.


The City of Vienna supports the purchase of cargo bikes with contributions of up to €800 (50% of the total price maximum). This figure increases to up to €1,000 for e-cargo bikes. Private individuals, companies and legal persons can submit applications from March 2017.


25% of the purchase price of bike trailers and cargo bikes is subsidised. The maximum subsidy amount is capped at €150 for trailers and €300 for cargo bikes. The municipal authorities’ bicycle traffic organisation is responsible for processing subsidies.


In Munich no distinction is made between electric and non-electric bikes. If you buy an e-cargo bike or cargo pedelec and are able prove that it offsets a vehicle powered by fossil fuels, you can receive a grant of up to €2,000.

The topic of cargo bike subsidies is being discussed at various levels in Germany. However, to date there has still been no major breakthrough that has resulted in grants for cargo bikes also being awarded to private individuals.


Since February 2017, the City of Oslo has also pledged to award inhabitants financial support of up to €1,125 euro (10,000 NOK) towards the purchase of an e-cargo bike. That works out at around 25% of the total purchase price. Private individuals, companies and organisations are all eligible. With a budget of 5 million kroner, that could mean an additional 500 to 1,000 e-cargo bikes on Oslo’s streets.