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Bored with your commute? PLAY & BIKE to WORK with Bike Citizens

The daily commute is an everyday reality for millions of people. Keen cyclists have known for years that cycling is a great way to get to work, and right now more and more people are discovering how much fun it can be. In autumn 2020, Bike Citizens will launch the global “Play & Bike to Work Campaign”, which aims to show how cycling can make commuting fun and invigorating – even in the winter. Because no matter where you live, how far you cycle to work every day or how fast you pedal, anyone and everyone can do it!

Foto © Abdou Mrehouri

Commuting by bike is a karma booster: cycling every day leads to better health, mental balance and well-being. Bike commuters suffer fewer illnesses and start their working day with a fresh, upbeat mindset after their journey. And as if that weren’t enough, casual cyclists who have become bike commuters report that the more often and the longer you do it, the more fun it becomes!

Commuting by bicycle also helps protect the environment, reduces noise pollution and costs society absolutely nothing no matter how far your travel! After all, cyclists represent a plus in the state budget for each kilometre they cover. And, as if all this still weren’t enough, bike commuters even spare the nerves of their car-driving colleagues. Because:

One more bicycle means one less car –
in the company car park or at the traffic lights.


First global Play & Bike to Work Challenge

But it’s also true that commuting by bike isn’t always easy. There are lots of things that have always been annoying, such as selfish cyclists with an “every man and woman for themselves, come what may” mentality.

Well you can say goodbye to that! Bike Citizens is launching the global Play & Bike to Work Challenge. From now on, wherever they are in the world, bike commuters can join forces in teams of 5 and start the bike karma fun booster!

How does it work?

  • Download the free Bike Citizens App to your smartphone (for iOS and Android)
  • If you wish, create a personal account
  • Install the city map (or just follow your nose!)
  • Join Play & Bike to Work
  • Create a team or join an existing team
  • Cycle to work – have fun – collect points!
How to join Play & Bike to Work! Graphics © Bike Citizens

How to join Play & Bike to Work! Graphics © Bike Citizens

Top tips from the Bike Citizens team:

Photo © Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Fairness, not performance, is what matters

Digital cycling competitions often end up being a simple matter of performance: within a set time frame, only those who cycle frequently and cover long distances can win. But the Bike Citizens team believes competitions can be about a lot more than that.

With the Play & Bike to Work campaign from
Bike Citizens, what counts is consistency,
fairness, fun and team spirit – not how far you cycle.

Foto © Bannon Morrissy

Give it a go! Anyone can win with the Play & Bike to Work team campaign from Bike Citizens – not just the fast, long-distance and frequent riders!

Leave your ego at home and get on your bike!

It doesn’t matter when you start – With weekly rankings anyone can join in with Play & Bike to Work at any time.

The digital “dice” decide – To stop the same fast, frequent and long-distance riders from winning Play & Bike to Work every week, the Bike Citizens campaign features various surprises, funny point boosters and tough but exciting team tasks. The dice add to the thrill and keep the tension going for a longer. The campaign runs from September to December 2020.

Cycling to the moon together: why overall rankings?

Of course, the Play & Bike to Work campaign also includes overall rankings. These provide an overview, increase the community spirit and can be converted into virtual currencies and informative metrics. For example: how many tons of CO2 were saved by cycling over half a year? And could the distance a team has cycled even reach the moon?

And what if… at some point employers converted the points earned by their staff teams into extra holiday or Christmas bonuses? Or a city council built a bicycle parking garage when citizens regularly commute to work by bike for half a year, doing something good for everyone?

Your heat map: look back with pride on how far you’ve ridden

Personal ratings in the Bike Citizens App massage the ego. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the distances they’ve covered each day for the first time as a heat map in the app? Printed out and hung above their desk, these visualizations of their journeys remind them of their many individual tours and experiences – and they can also help cities with traffic planning. Plus, they’re guaranteed to catch the eye of the non-cyclists in the office!

Play Bike Work

The heat map visualises your individual bike journeys, so in time it’ll create an impressive network of “your city”. This image shows a heat map of Stuttgart. The brighter the route, the more frequent the journey.
Graphics © Bike Citizens

What counts: cities worth living in – less stress – attractive jobs

Beginning in 2021, Bike Citizens want to target cities, regions, institutions and companies with their user campaign. Because, as mentioned before, cycling makes cities worth living in, boosts health and relieves stress. Plus, bicycle-friendly companies have an advantage in the “war for talent”.

Based in Graz and Berlin, Bike Citizens has years of experience when it comes to developing and implementing app-based cycling campaigns. The data they generate can also be used for traffic planning. In Hungary and Austria, Bike to Work campaigns have already been run with the Bike Citizens App. In Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen, the Bike Benefit reward system has successfully increased the number of cyclists.

With Play & Bike to Work, we are now taking the idea behind “Cycle to Work” one step further. Play & Bike to Work is the first global bike commuting campaign that focuses on the users themselves.


Bike Citizens – Play and Bike to Work

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