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For us the bicycle has become more than “just” a means of transportation. We love and live urban bike culture. With cycling in cities we associate freedom, independence and joy. This life style and awareness is what we want to share with others.

We founded BikeCityGuide to share the knowledge we’ve obtained from being bike messengers. Our app was the answer to ‘how’ can we show other cyclists the most bicycle-friendly route to their destination. To secure the smartphone on the handle bar, we have developed the Finn smartphone mount. And we are doing well with both… nonetheless, we won’t give it a rest, we aim for something greater:


As Bike Citizens we stand for the verve of cycling and see the role of the bicycle related to the question of how we want to live in cities. We see the potential of shaping cities through cycling and together with you and other Bike Citizens we want to improve the quality of living in cities.

We want to invite you to take part in our plan to make urban life more enjoyable and livable. Become a Bike Citizen – for a bit more individual freedom and for more urban independence.

Daniel-Kofler Bike Citizens

Image © Bike Citizens

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Daniel Kofler, geboren in Salzburg und aufgewachsen in Tirol, studierte Physik und Umweltwissenschaften an der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz. Er arbeitete fünf Jahre als Teamleiter im Bereich der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit der Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. in Deutschland. Nach seiner dreijährigen Tätigkeit als Radkurier versucht er auch heute noch, zumindest einen Tag pro Woche, für die Pink Pedals Fahrradkuriere unterwegs zu sein. Aus seiner Leidenschaft fürs Fahrrad resultierend gründete er 2011 gemeinsam mit Andreas Stückl Bike Citizens.

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