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Cycling app and online route planner

  • Routing & Tracking
  • Heatmap & Stats
  • Branding & Marketing

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Marketing and motivation campaigns

  • Bike Benefit System
  • PING if you care!
  • Challenges

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GPS data analysis: Bike Citizens Analytics

  • Reveal potential
  • Analyse data
  • Evaluation infrastructure

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We offer cyclists a modern service with the app. Naturally, that improves the image of the city tremendously.

Martin Blum, Cycling Commissioner Vienna

Get started: Small Package with Huge Impact

3 solutions in 1 package

We help you to increase the modal share of cyclists in your city. The Bike Citizens S-Packages offers you a basic set of tools to connect people and motivate them to go by bike more often. This is an easy step to accelerate your cycling strategy.

Stand: September 2019

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Unlimited download of the city map in the Bike Citizens App..

  • Routing
  • Tracking
  • Personal Stats
  • Heatmap
  • Newsfeed


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In-App Game

Gamification brings fun into cycling and encourages people to go more often by bike.

  • Gamification
  • Challenge
  • Cycling fun
  • Motivation
  • Achievements

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The inetractive heatmap based on GPS data visualises the cycling traffic in your city.

  • Overview
  • Intensity
  • Analysis
  • Segments 
  • Visualisation
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