Bike Citizens cycles into the future

It’s been an eventful year for the bike app Bike Citizens. And not only for the company. Because behind every company there are personal stories, convictions and lifeblood.

With Elisabeth Felberbauer and Herbert Steinbauer, Bike Citizens has two new owners who want to further advance the vision and mission of the company.

Elisabeth Felberbauer and Herbert Steinbauer, new managers and owners of Bike Citizens

Elisabeth Felberbauer came to the company almost 10 years ago out of conviction for the product. In Berlin, she got to know and love the smartphone mount Finn and the bike navigation app from Bike Citzens. Back in Graz, she went from user to employee, then managing director, driving the brand and its development. She herself knows many sides and needs of cyclists: from urban, freedom-loving casual cyclists to long-distance commuters to parents with cargo bikes and cycling children. Thanks to Bike Citizens, she completely rediscovered the cities she lived in.

Then the sad end in 2022: insolvency proceedings for Bike Citizens. But Elisabeth Felberbauer, together with customers, partners and users, never stopped believing in the company and its mission.

For a future worth living. For livable cities. For the lives of the next generations.

Together with Herbert Steinbauer, CEO of NexOpt GmbH, they have taken over Bike Citizens under Smettly GmbH and are carrying it towards the future. “Armed with a strong partner and dual technological expertise, we look forward to inspire users worldwide for everyday cycling”, said Elisabeth Felberbauer.

Armed with a strong partner and dual technological expertise, we look forward to inspire users worldwide for everyday cycling“, said Elisabeth Felberbauer. “We continue to plan digital solutions to positively influence mobility behavior towards cycling. So that people get out of the house in the morning and get on their bikes enthusiastically!

With NexOpt, we want to contribute to a sustainable economy in fleet management – the addition of Smettly with a focus on bicycle mobility is another important step“, says Herbert Steinbauer.

What Bike Citizens stands for:

– Enabling beginners and experienced commuters to enjoy stress-free rides and great cycling experiences with the bike app.

– To be a technological pioneer in providing innovative tools and features for users and cities.

– Develop cycling campaigns that motivate users, businesses, and cities to cycle.

– Give cyclists a data-based voice through data analytics to improve cycling conditions.

– Act as a strong partner for planners and cities to support the realization of cycling projects.

From all over Europe, people write to us that thanks to Bike Citizens they have started to make their daily journeys by bike. How much fun they have collecting and evaluating their bike rides. Companies tell us enthusiastically how team spirit and cycling enthusiasm broke out thanks to our campaigns.

It’s great to work together to promote bicycle mobility,” says Elisabeth Felberbauer. Her appeal: “We are looking forward to strong partners and customers who want to make a difference in the true sense of the word!

Smettly GmbH

Smettly GmbH is a young technology start-up that advances the brand, patents and digital developments as well as the mission and vision of Bike Citizens. Smettly, an abstract name for butterfly, deals with the invidual active mobility and offers its customers digital software solutions for marketing and recording this. The dovetailing of hardware and software components is intended to supplement Bike Citizens’ existing portfolio with additional service applications.

Nexopt GmbH

Nexopt GmbH offers complete fleet management solutions for resource-saving optimization of the entire fleet. According to company size and needs, Nexopt delivers customized tools including detailed data analysis. Ongoing customer support and targeted optimizations to save company expenditures and protect the environment are a top priority. Customers can enjoy an all-round service from operations management to financial or e-commerce processing.
NexOpt’s mission is to maximize efficiency and sustainability in its own business and for its customers by creating a smart, connected ecosystem.