Bike prize for reward system for cycling

  • Berlin Bike Prize goes to bonus points system for cycling from Bike Citizens
  • Extra motivation to mark VELOBerlin
  • Award-winning system now available free of charge in Hamburg

Berlin, May 2nd 2018. The cycling bonus points system, the Bike Benefit System from Bike
Citizens has been awarded the Berlin bike prize “Cycling City Berlin”. It motivates people to cycle
in cities and is now starting up in Hamburg.
The theme of the Bike Benefit System, the cycling reward scheme, is to reward people for cycling daily. After successful implementation in Bremen, Vienna and Graz, it was launched at VELOBerlin in 2017. And there’s more: Bike Citizens was recently awarded the Berlin bike prize
“Cycling City Berlin” for the launch of the Bike Benefit System at the VELOBerlin bike festival. Anyone who wants to experience the Bike Benefit System live can do so this summer in Hamburg.

Collect Finneros in the Bike Citizens app

The aim of the system created by Bike Citizens is to provide an incentive to motivate more people to cycle in the city. The positive effects of cycling on health, air quality and the small amount of space needed make the bicycle very attractive as a means of transport. Towns and cities with a high proprtion of bikes have a particularly high quality of life.
To help motivate people to get on their bike, Bike Citizens has developed the Bike Benefit System. This allows you to collect Finneros (= bonus points) when you cycle, which can be exchanged for goodies at local partner businesses, or used as discount vouchers.
Participants can boost their Finnero account even further with achievements: Certain activities (e.g. journeys at certain times, or certain distances etc.) earn achievements, which lead to Finneros.

Until 31st July: Free map of Hamburg in the Bike Citizens app

The Authority for Economy, Transport and Innovation is bringing the Bike Benefit System to
Hamburg. From the 1st of May to the 31st of July, cyclists in Hamburg can collect Finneros with
the Bike Citizens app using anonymised journey logging. Downloading the Hamburg map and
taking part in the Bike Benefit System in the Bike Citizens app is free until the 31st of July 2018. If
you’re interested, you just have to download the Bike Citizens app, install the Hamburg map and
get busy collecting Finneros while logging your journeys.

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About Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens was founded 2011 in Graz by former bike messengers Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl. A second office is located in Berlin. The aim of Bike Citizens is to make urban cycling more attractive in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in cities. In order to reach this goal, Bike Citizens develops products which offer urban cyclists a platform for information and exchange. Together with cities, companies and organisations, Bike Citizens works on software solutions and communication and marketing concepts to promote cycling.

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