Bike Citizens

Upon discovering that the bike is the best mean of transport in urban areas, Bike Citizens was founded in 2011 with the clear mission to pass on the joy of cycling by providing its cycling app. With over 30 people passionately working from Austria and Germany to complete this mission and make cities more livable.

We plan, you enjoy. Bike Citizens

what we stand for

Just like Cycling: work should be fun while leaving an impact for future generations.

Team breakfasts

Start the week with the right energy!

Company fitness

Stay in shape and blow off steam.

4-day work week

So you have more time for other stuff – like cycling

This is our mission and vision

We truly believe that the well being of people is strongly connected to the means of mobility. Therefore we provide citizens with innovative solutions to let them experience the independence and joy of cycling, and offer policy makers with vital insights and know-how through a digital landscape to create a positive impact for sustainable and healthy communities.

Shaping mobility behavior towards cycling citizens for a better future.


Our locations

Bike Citizens road to success started in Graz, Austria and is, just like our platform, extending fast!


The Bike Citizens team is continually growing and constantly looking to enhance its strength.

If you have any questions, please contact Tanja Koller, our HR manager:

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