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enjoy your urban independence

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About Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens focuses on cycling promotion, app technology and data analysis for cities. Started with 1,500 Euro the company has been founded in 2011 by two former bike couriers and now employs up to 25 people in Graz and Berlin, having further expansion plans for Europe and the US. Their main concern is to offer people more orientation and safety with their app that includes turn-by-turn navigation, tracking options and voice guidance. The company shares the data they gain with cities and for research projects to improve cycling in cities. Together with municipalities and companies the team designs, develops and communicates tools (e.g. heat maps) to spill the joy of a daily ride through cities to get more people on bikes.

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Press releases & clipping

Here you can download our most recent press releases. Should you have more questions, you’re welcome to contact us any time.

Press releases

  • 27.08.2015 – Urban cyclist app wins Eurobike Award –  [PDF]
  • 15.07.2015 – Austrian based Cycling App launches in over 50 Cities in the UK –  [PDF]

Our clipping:

  • The Guardian – First winners of European open data incubator programme revealed – 18.09.2015 [PDF]
  • Road.cc – Urban cycle route planning app comes to the UK – 11.07.2015 [PDF]

Press contact:

Bike Citizens
+43 (0)660 54 24 147

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Press Material

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(Photo credits: Bike Citizens)

Feel free to download and use our pictures. If you’re looking for some specific picture (e.g. a heatmap of your city), just contact us. We’ll be happy to help!


Awards and nominations

  • 2016 XING New Work Award for 4-day-week and most modern work place of the year
  • 2015 VCÖ Austrian Mobility Prize Cycle to Free concept awarded
  • 2015 Cycle Planning Award Bike Citizens app among finalists “Best innovation”
  • 2015 Eurobike Award Bike Citizens app wins in the category “Concepts and Services”
  • 2015 Born Global Champion International Export Prize
  • 2014 Expobici Innovation Award Finn awarded as Best Accessories in Padova
  • 2014 Eurobike Award Finn wins in the category Accessories
  • 2014 Apps for Europe Competition International Business Lounge Manchester – Jury Prize Winner
  • 2014 Fiets Innovatie Award Smartphone mount Finn wins innovation award
  • 2013 ISPO Bike Brand New Award
  • 2012 Europ. Satellite Navigation Regional Winner Austria
  • 2012 Apps for Amsterdam Public Prize
  • 2011 Smart Cities Expo Barcelona Open Cities Challenge – Honours Mention

XING New Work Award 2016 Bike Citizens