enjoy your urban independence

enjoy your urban independence

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Welcome to the bike citizens lab

Heatmap Vienna Bike Citizens lab

You’re interested in innovative approaches and mobility concepts? You’re committed and you would like to share your opinion with us or start a project together? Then you’re right here! Welcome to our Bike Citizens lab!

Become a bike citizen and …

  • test, discuss and actively shape our tools and features as a beta tester
  • inform yourself about ongoing research projects and contact us for proposals
  • check out our data visualisation tools and test them
  • become an active mapper for OpenStreetMap

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Bike Citizens and help us reach our goal to make cities more liveable.



beta tester

In our lab you can test and discuss our tools while they are still in development. Become a beta tester and be among the first to test and actively shape them.



research projects


We ensure our technological strength through our science projects with various institutions and universities. Our current projects are:

  • Space Tech for Cycling
    Research project in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA).
  • ODUN Bikes
    Enhancing Bike Sharing Usage in Cities through Cycling Technology.
    More about ODUN Bikes
  • Nice Rides
    Increase routing security with feedback function and evaluation of crossroads and paths.
    Getting reliable traffic data by using sensor technology in smartphones.
    More about SHIQUE
  • ├ľkoLog
    Efficient and sustainable transfer of local produced goods by using technology and cargo bikes.
    More about ├ľkoLog
  • BikeWave
    Using existing bike data, our BikeWave prototype allows you to ride on a wave of green lights through the city.
    More about BikeWave

You’re working in a similar field and want to have further information? Please feel free to contact us any time. We’re always open to suggestions and look forward to co-operations.

Suggest a project



data visualisation

By visualising and analysing the daily ways we ride on our bikes, cities can gain important insights, which can be used for urban planning purposes. The collected data helps us to derive an optimal timing to keep riders in motion.

More about heatmaps



algorithm & openstreetmap

Our Cyclists’ Opinion-Based Routing Algorithm (COBRA) is based on OpenStreetMap data and uses the knowledge of bike couriers to evaluate and improve our routing system.

COBRA routing algorithm

What’s special about COBRA?

  • Time factor
    Calculating the best route by reducing the waiting time at crossroads. Therefore it considers width of streets, traffic and an evaluation of cross roads.
  • Cycling paths
    Depending on your cycling profile, the app prefers cycling lanes and side streets.
  • Altitude differences
    The routing profile from easy to fast also considers inclination and altitude data. The easier the biking profile, the safer and more comfortable your tour gets.
  • Street quality
    The app differentiates between sealed, gravel and cobblestone streets by offering the bike profiles city bike, mountain bike and road bike.
  • Cyclists’ opinion
    Ratings from our experienced user community about the safest or most efficient route define the algorithm further.

Wanna improve the routing for your city? Join the OpenStreetMap community and help to ensure a good quality of the map of your home town. To say thanks, we provide one city map to OSM contributors for free.

Getting started on OSM



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