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enjoy your urban independence

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Cycling in Zurich

Nearly every inhabitant of Zurich is a “pedestrian” at least once a day, either on the way to the car or the tramway, from work to lunch or strolling along the Sihl river. In addition, for a good third of the population, cycling in Zurich is the best way to get around.
Pedestrian and bicycle traffic therefore play an important role especially in densely populated areas. And the city of Zurich wants to further improve the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.
Zurich is the largest city and capital of the canton of Zurich. The metropolitan area of Zurich, which covers large parts of the eastern and central Swiss midland, has 1.66 million inhabitants.


How Far Do I Get in Zurich by Bike in 5 Minutes?

If you want to find out, how far you can get in Zurich by bike in just 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, you should try Bike Citizens’ “5 mins by bike” tool. It shows you all the destinations you will cover in just some minutes.


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