enjoy your urban independence

enjoy your urban independence

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Bike culture

Paris is rated among the best Arts and Cultural destinations worldwide. Known for its elegant buildings and large number of monuments ranked among the UNESCO world heritage,the French capital fascinates its visitors from all over the world and offers a daily pleasure to its inhabitants.

Enjoy cycling along “la Seine” river while contemplating many trademarks of the city: the tree-lined “Avenue des Champs-Elysée”,the famous “Tour Eiffel” and the historical “Notre dame” Cathedral and “Le Louvre” museum. As an ecological and sustainable mean of transport and leisure,the bike can be used in the best conditions in Paris,thanks to the continuous efforts of the city to improve the quality of the cycling network. Paris offers as well many recreation and relaxation sites giving you beautiful garden spaces to enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the magnificent views.

With more than 12 millions inhabitants and a bike network of more than 371km,the best mean of transport in Paris is obviously the bike.

Paris Cycling Map

Try also the Paris Cycle Route Planner and find out how far you can get in only some minutes with the 5 Minutes by Bike tool. You’ll be surprised!

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