enjoy your urban independence

enjoy your urban independence

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Discover Mönchengladbach!

Mönchengladbach, a lovely and livable city with almost 256.000 inhabitants is one of the biggest metropolises of Niederrhein. The cityscape is effected by connections between urban flair and rural charme. Not for nothing the city with numerous parks and forrests is called „Metropolis in the Greens“. Mönchengladbach has many talents and is a city of short paths. In it’s close environment you can find typical landscapes of Niederrhein with many castles, mills and many possibilities to stop by, which are perfect to discover by bike.

And there is even so much more offered in Mönchengladbach! Art for example: from historical buildings to a museum of international reputation and a famous theatre to a carbaret and creative scence.

Those who like to go shopping Mönchengladbach hits the spot. In numerous pedestrian areas and galeries you can find a multifaceted range for everyones taste.

The best impression is always your own impression. Come to Mönchengladbach, get to know the openminded and friendly people through a bike tour and discover the sympatical city.

There are many reasons to get on your bicycle in Mönchengladbach. So, what are you waiting for? To find the most beautiful, the fastest and safest ways through Mönchengladbach you should download the Bike Citizens App.