enjoy your urban independence

enjoy your urban independence

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Bike culture

Graz by Bike

Graz, with its cycling rate of 14,5% (2013), has a pretty good cycling infrastructure and politicians make great efforts to improve conditions for cyclists. Due to the numerous cycle paths, cycle lanes and parking lots for bikes, cycling is the best choice for covering shorter distances in the city. It’s always a good idea to discover Graz by bike. Try it out!

On all side streets in the city the speed is restricted to 30km/h, and almost all one-way streets may be used by cyclists in both ways (one-way street with the sign “except cyclists”) – these are ideal conditions for cycling!


Graz Cycling Map

Try also the Graz Cycle Route Planner and find out how far you can get in Graz by bike in only a few minutes with the 5 Minutes by Bike visualisation. You’ll be astonished!


5 minutes by bike

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