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Bremen by Bike

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Bremen is a vibrant, modern city with a great Hanseatic past and excellent quality of life. Its attractions include not only the wonderful old city centre with the marketplace, Town Hall (part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) and the picturesque alleyways of the ‘Schnoor’ district. Its residential areas, lively yet cosily proportioned, the budding Überseestadt in the former dockland area, and the parks and green spaces that interconnect everything are also worth visiting.

The Ostertor quarter, the Schlachte boulevard with its riverside restaurants and pubs, as well as the Bürgerpark, the Wallanlagen and the Werder island are further examples that illustrate the sheer liveability of this city.

Bremen is a place with an exciting future, thanks to a thriving scene for culture and creative professions, and the ‘Excellence’ university as a centre for academic study, research and technology. One key characteristic of the city is that the old mercantile business community by the River Weser has continuously reinvented itself in the course of history, without ever losing its charm.

Bremen has many talents and is a city with ‘short pathways’. Which is precisely its advantage. What’s even better, however, is that the pathways are not a burden, but a pure joy – on a bike, in any case. The fact that there are twice as many bicycles as cars on Bremen’s streets is a clear indication of the quality of Bremen’s infrastructure for cyclists. There are many reasons to bike in Bremen, so let’s get moving! Download the Bremen Bike Citizens app free of charge here, so that you can find the nicest, fastest and safest routes through Bremerhaven and Bremen by bike.

Bremen? Bike it!


Bremerhaven by Bike

Discover Bremerhaven with a Bicycle: The Seaside City of Bremerhaven is located where the waters of the River Weser flow into the North Sea. Bremerhaven, the largest city on the German North Sea Coast, is framed by the ocean and the charming outskirts.

Rows of lighthouses along the River Weser, museum ships sway in the harbors, in the German Maritime Museum the world’s oldest cog is anchored, windjammers and ocean giants take course for our seaside city. In the Shop Window Fishery Harbor the smell of freshly smoked fish is in the air. Stop by and visit the new theme exhibition “Expedition Northern Seas” where you can dive into underwater worlds and in the Sea Fish Cooking Studio fish gourmets will definitely get their fill.

From here you can take a tour with the HarborBus through Europe’s largest container and automobile transshipment hub – an exciting experience for all ages. In the Havenwelten Bremerhaven the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, the German Emigration Center Bremerhaven as well as the Zoo at the Sea with the North Sea Aquarium are waiting to be discovered. If you like to shop, the pedestrian zone, the indoor Columbus Shopping Center and the Mediterraneo all invite you to an enjoyable shopping spree. In the award-winning Historical Museum Bremerhaven the history of our city is told in an entertaining and informative manner. Extraordinary adventures await our guests in Bremerhaven.

Discover the Seaside City and its outskirts on your own and utilize the available possibilities: Well-known and popular international, national and regional cycle routes travel through the seaside city. Such as the River Weser cycle route. Its wide variety of landscapes and scenic beauty can hardly be surpassed, and a visit to Bremerhaven is always well worth a stop! The „Fisch und Schipp“ Route leads along the harbor basins, ships and fish are guaranteed. With the nature route „Wasser, Wind und Wiesen“ you will get to know the seaside city from a completely different side. Cyclist-friendly accommodations, well-signed routes in the city and the green outskirts lead you directly to all the attractions and highlights. And on top the cycle stations in the Shop Window Fishery Harbor and in the Havenwelten Bremerhaven offer you full service, ranging from rentals to repairs, baggage storage as well as touristic information.

Bremerhaven? Bike it!


Bremen & Bremerhaven Bike Map

Don’t miss to try the Bremen/Bremerhaven Cycle Route Planner and find out how far you can get in only some minutes with the 5 Minutes by Bike tool. You’ll be surprised!

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