enjoy your urban independence

enjoy your urban independence

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Bike culture

Berlin by Bike

The exciting city life in Germany’s capital is best explored by bike. The bicycle network is very well developed and allows you to discover the city in a different pace, making distances between the Reichstag and the East Side Gallery a lot shorter. The young and creative lot are flocking to the city, as well as people who want to discover their capital, turning Berlin into a true melting pot. The Berlin Wall Trail follows the old border between East and West and takes you through the city and along the more quiet city border. About 160 km (100 miles) are waiting to be discovered and times where crossing the border seemed impossible come back to life. Go and discover Berlin by bike!

Berlin Cycling Map

Try also the Berlin Cycle Route Planner and find out how far you can get in only some minutes with the 5 Minutes by Bike tool. You’ll be surprised!

Radfahren in Berlin

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