enjoy your urban independence

enjoy your urban independence

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Discover over 400 Cities with Bike Citizens

London, Paris, Berlin,Vienna… discover over 400 cities on two wheels. More than 16 cities in Australia and over 400 cities in Europe and the United States are now available to be discovered by the Bike Citizens community. Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne … what are you waiting for?

Adventure on Two Wheels

The goal of Bike Citizens is to make our cycling app and other tools available to urban cyclists in all cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Worldwide there are about 4,000 cities of around this size. We’ve been quite busy the past few years and are now happy to tell you that our cycling app can be used in over 400 cities – with more to come. You can now use our tools for urban cycling in the recently added cities: our Bike Citizens map and routing planer, the cycling-app, the #5minsbybike function, as well as many other tools. Bike Citizens is not just a helpful tool for your home town, it’s also very practical on vacation, as you don’t need an active data link for map display and routing. Become a Bike Citizen and cycle your city.

The Bike Citizens Cycling App

The added cities are not the only new things at Bike Citizens: our cycling app is also constantly evolving. Bike Citizens Pro is now available in the Google Play store. There’s more to this update than just a new design; it also offers some new features for our Bike Citizens community.

Cycling App Bike Citizens Android

Become a Bike Citizen

Join the Bike Citizens community: install the Bike Citizens app on your smartphone and let yourself be guided with our voice guidance or record your daily rides with the bike computer. If you don’t have a smartphone, the Bike Citizens map guides you on the most cycle-friendly way through your city. Or you may also want to check out the #5minsbybike tool, which shows you how far you get within five minutes on your bike.

Become a bike citizen

Let’s Make Cities More Liveable

By using our tools you can become part of something bigger. Contribute your individual road network — the routes you use daily in your city — to make your city a better place for cyclists. Bike Citizens uses all uploaded tracks to generate a Heatmap and distributes this anonymous cycling data for city planning purposes. So you, as a Bike Citizen, can contribute to make your city more liveable.

vienna cycle routes heat map

What are you waiting for? Grab the new update and discover the world of Bike Citizens.

Love your city, ride a bike.

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